An informal and friendly organisation where all parents are automatically members.
It fosters relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school.
It aims to raise money for charity and to support the school to the benefit of the children.
It organises several events for the children such as cake sales, Christmas parties, science, mini beast & history workshops and circus days.
It holds events for parents and staff such as coffee mornings and evenings out.
Each class has its own representative.

The AGM is normally held in September and everyone is invited to come along and meet other parents and hear about the exciting events to be held throughout the year.  

What we do in the PTA each year is entirely dependent on the time, efforts and talents brought to it by the parents.  If you are able to help we would be delighted to have you on board. For those, however, who do not wish to be involved or whose lifestyle prevents involvement, then we hope you and your children will enjoy the activities on offer.

The PTA produces a families' contact list to facilitate communication between each other.