Parent Review

Dear Ashgrove

We would like to say a big thank you for the enormous effort that you and your staff at Ashgrove made in helping Ravi pass his 11 Plus. Ravi was struggling in his previous school but instantly fitted in at Ashgrove. Ravi loved the intimate environment where he instantly gained confidence, building a good network of friends and establishing good relationships with teachers. The combination of his confidence and the teaching methods used at Ashgrove will play an important part in achieving his goals in his future education.

We recently received two positive feedbacks from teachers at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School stating how well he is performing in both maths and music. In maths Ravi is exceeding expectations, which Ravi said proudly, “this was due to Dr Ash’s methods of teaching”. In music he achieved 20/21 in his test which impressed the music teacher. As you know Ravi loves singing, dancing and playing the drums.

We would like to thank you Dr Ash and your staff for all the help and support you have given Ravi over the past three years. We are impressed with the pastoral care and the educational ethos of the school.

The school has achieved impressive 11 Plus results which is a reflection of your teaching methods. This is outstanding by any standards and we highly recommend Ashgrove School to any prospective parents.

Kindest regards,

Mr and Mrs Chadha
Parents Sep 2016 – Jul 2019