Dear Ashgrove


Ashgrove School is an exceptional institution that is dedicated to achieving the very best for each individual child. I am a father of three boys (each very different) and each boy has studied at Ashgrove under the fantastic supervision of Dr Ash and team of amazing teachers. Two of my boys achieved top choices of grammar schools and the youngest will be doing his 11+ this Sept.

Most important part of assessing my boys’ time at Ashgrove School is their eagerness of going back after the school holidays as they miss it so much. Dr Ash and team always put the welfare of the child first and challenge them intellectually accordingly. Thank you so much Dr Ash and I will state that any new children (families) joining Ashgrove School are much luckier than they know at the start. My older boys, in secondary school, are still influenced by Ashgrove’s ethos which continues to being a big part of them becoming professional individuals!


Mr Ruparellia

(Parent: Sep 2014 – present)