Parent Review 4

 Dear Ashgrove


I am very happy with Ashgrove School and I would highly recommend this school to anyone. My son has thoroughly enjoyed from reception to Year 5 and had progressed extremely well in all subjects. My son feels safe in this school, he is well looked after and taught very well. I’m very glad that I didn’t blindly follow Ofsted ratings when I sent my son to this school. We are originally from India where we strongly focus on education; I love this school because their main focus is on education and their impressive 11 plus results over the years reflect that. Ofsted might be looking at various criteria before they provide rating, but for development in other areas, we can easily arrange those over weekend or after school hours. One thing we are sure, Ashgrove does not compromise on the quality of education and they instill strong discipline in their students and I’m absolutely pleased with that.  


Thanks & Regards,


Mr Dhar

(Parent: 2013 – current)